Simchas Esther is a non-profit, all volunteer organization that provides needy brides and grooms the personal and household items necessary to create a Jewish home. It is traditional in the Orthodox Jewish community that young people marry even if they have not yet completed their education or are not yet gainfully employed. Furthermore, they often come from families who have limited resources. Historically, members of the community have come together to aid the couples and provides assistance in purchasing all that is needed to establish a home. Simchas Esther’s mission is to service the Baltimore community in this capacity.


Working under the guidance of a Rabbinical Board, Simchas Esther has provided assistance to numerous brides and grooms in a discreet and dignified manner. Simchas Esther also has a free loan fund, the R’ Binyamin Levik Bregin G’mach, that helps pay for wedding expenses. As our community grows, so do our requests for aid and assistance. We therefore seek additional partners to join us in this beautiful endeavor.


There are many ways to take part in this extraordinary mitzvah of Hachnosos Kallah.

First and foremost, donations. We are an all volunteer operation – always have been and always will be – which means every dollar you donate goes directly to a Chosson and Kallah in need.

Second, if you own or work at a business that offers a product or service that would be helpful to our local Chossons and Kallahs, consider partnering with us. This operation only exists due to the generosity and kindness of our local community. If you or your company is interested in partnering with the Simchas Esther Fund, please contact us HERE.